presentation guidelines

Organizations that have qualified through Round 1 will be invited to give a short presentation –   8 minutes for the International Best Practice Competition/NZ Best Practice Competition or 10 minutes for the Organisation-Wide Innovation Award.  This does not seem long but it is surprising how much content can be covered in a well-crafted presentation.


  1. Practice your presentation to ensure it lasts no longer than the specified time.
  2. The following is a recommended outline for a Best Practice Competition presentation:
  • Slide No.1 – Name of best practice, organization.
  • Slide No.2 – Overview of the organization e.g. size, location, products and service
  • Slide No.3 – What exactly is the best practice? Is it an operational or managerial practice, process, system or initiative? Describe the best practice clearly so that the scope/boundaries of the practice is clear (therefore what is included as part of the practice and what is excluded?). If this is not clear and the practice is so wide and generic the judges will have difficulty in assessing it.
  • Slide No.4 – Level of deployment
  • Slides No.5 – Level of innovation
  • Slide No.6 – Results achieved
  • Slide No.7 – Evidence it is a best practice (use of benchmarking/comparison of results/peer reviewed)
  • Slide No.8 – Review/next steps planned
  1. For the Best Practice Competition your written entry and presentation will be assessed on; Level of deployment, Level of innovation, Results achieved, Evidence it is a best practice and Review/next steps planned.
  2. The following is a recommended outline for an Organisation-Wide Innovation presentation:
  • Slide No.1 – Name of organization.
  • Slide No.2 – Overview of the organization e.g. size, location, products and service
  • Slide No.3 – Leadership
  • Slide No.4 – Strategic Planning
  • Slide No.5 – Recruitment, Training and Development
  • Slide No.6 – Processes, Tools and Techniques
  • Slide No.7 – Ideas and Best Practice Management
  • Slide No.8 – Facilities and Resources
  • Slide No.9 – People and Culture
  • Slide No.10 – Stakeholder Relationships
  • Slide No.11 – Metrics
  • Slide No.12 – Results
  1. For the Organisation-Wide Innovation presentation your written entry and presentation will be assessed on;  Leadership, Strategic Planning, Recruitment, Training and Development,  Processes, Tools and Techniques, Ideas and Best Practice Management, Facilities and Resources, People and Culture, 8. Stakeholder Relationships, Metrics and Results.
  2. Include photographs or videos in your presentation. Pictures are worth 1000 words.
  3. During your presentation, talk clearly and smoothly. Clarity is of the essence. Presenters with English as their mother tongue and a fast mode of speaking should think of other people in the audience whose mother tongue may not be English since this is an international event.
  4. Rehearse well even if you are an experienced presenter. Your audience is sophisticated, thus, reading from slides during a presentation is deemed unprofessional.
  5. Examples of past winner presentations are shown here. More examples are shown in the Best Practice Improvement Resource – including written applications.
  6. The organizers are available to provide advice and comment on your presentation slides if sent 10 days or more prior to the presentation date. This will assist all entrants to deliver a strong presentation. Send your presentations for checking to  


  1. Send your final Presentation Slides to least 2 days before the Competition Event if less than 10mb or by if more than 10mb. These will serve as back-up if there are problems in delivering the online presentation from your own computer.
  2. Embed any videos in your ppt slides rather than linking to them on your computer or otherwise there could be a problem in transfer speeds when giving an on-line presentation.
  3. The presentation time is strictly controlled by the chairman. A warning will be given with two minutes to go. When the time is up the chairman will notify you. You then need to close your presentation – a maximum of 15 seconds will be given for the wrap up of your presentation.
  4. More than one person can deliver the presentation.
  5. Failure to turn- up at your allocated presentation timeslot will be interpreted as a withdrawal from the competition.
  6. The judges’ decision is final.
  7. The Entry Fee must be paid to present and participate in Round 2.

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