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Refer to the format/timeline section of the website for information on the timeline and process for each stage of the awards process.


  • A maximum of eight (8) entries for the International Best Practice Competition are permitted. All entries that qualify to give a presentation (Round 2) at the competition include an assessment for best practice certification. Best Practice Certification may also be obtained outside of the competition, this can be useful for organisations wishing to find out their current Star-Rating and improve on it before the competition.
  • If there are insufficient applications that meet the minimum standard for a competition, Round 2 will be cancelled. In this case, successful qualifiers will proceed directly to Round 3.
  • Winners of the Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG) Excellence Award,¬† Organisation-Wide Innovation Award or Global Benchmarking Award are prohibited from entering these awards again for a period of 3 years. Winners of the International Best Practice Competition may not submit a best practice that has won the competition previously.

Guidelines and rules for presentations are shown here.


Trade Best Practice Benchmarking

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