7th International Best Practice Competition Photos

Winners: 7th International Best Practice Competition 2020


Dubai Municipality, UAE -The Way Beyond Traditional Procurement
Dubai Police, UAE – Safe Bags – Accuracy and Efficiency of Airport Hold Baggage Screening (HBS) System
Titan Company Limited, India – Perfect Bond – An Innovative Locking Method for Rubber Moulds used in Lost Wax Casting of Gold Jewellery
SEHA-Ambulatory Healthcare Services, UAE – AHS COVID-19 National Drive Thru Screening Centers
Dubai Air Navigation Services, UAE – Dubai RECAT-Enhanced Wake Turbulence Separation (eWTS) Minima within the Dubai CT


Winner: 3rd Organisation-Wide Innovation Award

Dubai Municipality, UAE


Winners: 2nd New Zealand Best Practice Competition 2020

New Zealand Blood Service – Introduction of a Mobile Practice – Portable Plasma Collection


Runner-ups: 2nd New Zealand Best Practice Competition 2020

Babcock New Zealand Limited and New Defence Force Logistics Command (Maritime) – Collaborative partnership
Economic Development New Zealand – Capability building across the economic development profession


Photos of day 1 and 2 of the event

Trade Best Practice Benchmarking

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