7th International Best Practice Competition (incorporating 2nd New Zealand Best Practice Competition & 3rd Organisation-Wide Innovation Award) to be held at the NZBEF’s Business Excellence Conference, Wellington, New Zealand, 10/11 May 2021.
A Virtual Event for International Participants

“There is no single “best practice” because best is not best for everyone. Every organization is different in some way–different missions, cultures, environments, and technologies. What is meant by “best” are those practices that have been shown to produce superior results; selected by a systematic process; and judged as exemplary, good, or successfully demonstrated. Best practices are then adapted to fit a particular organization.” Dr Robert Camp, Honorary Life-time President, Global Benchmarking Network (GBN)


Organisers of the Best Practice Competition:

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6th International Best Practice Competition Jollibee Foods Corporation (Video)

To learn from previous Best Practice Competition participants and the best practices of 1,000’s of organisations in Leadership, Strategy, Corporate Social Responsibility, HR, Customer Service, Innovation, Knowledge Management, and Manufacturing and Service Processes join www.bpir.com.

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